About Aldo Salinas

LinkedIn_Profile_Picture_1375139664A graduate of the political science program at California State University, Fresno, Aldo Salinas has applied his academic knowledge within the local political system. During his undergraduate study, he served as an office intern with Assembly Member Henry T. Parea. In this role, Aldo Salinas communicated regularly with the assembly member’s colleagues and constituents, as well as with a variety of local businesses.

Aldo Salinas began actively pursuing his interest in politics as a high school student, when he completed a law and policy course at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology. The course covered a variety of concepts in economics, government operations, and jurisprudence, including hands-on education in court proceedings in the context of a mock trial. 

After receiving his high school diploma, Aldo Salinas matriculated at Willow International Community College, a division of Reedley College. Highly successful in his early coursework, he earned standing on both the Dean’s List and the Dean’s Honor Roll. He then transferred into the CSU system, where he hopes to soon pursue a graduate degree at the university’s Sacramento campus. He currently lives and works in Sacramento as an at-home advisor with consumer electronics company Apple Inc.


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